Things You Should Consider Before Buying AC Condenser Pads

Air conditioners are a necessity in this era, especially for people who live in the hotter areas. Whenever you buy one, you need to consider a few things like the model, your needs, the unit, pricing, etc. Now, you need to have service providers who help you install the air conditioner at your home. That is not something you can do on your own. Before installation, make sure to buy good quality AC condenser pads.

Here are the best ones:

  • EL1838-3: This if for HVAC systems and is grey. It is made with polypropylene, because of which the pad is light, which makes it easier to move. Its rugged texture will help it get through bad weather and keep the equipment from slipping.
  • UC3636-3: This has good compatibility with cement and is good for keeping it outside because it can deal well with the weather and outside elements. It goes well with the equipment and can hold its weight.
  • Ecopad Equipment: If you are considering a cheap yet sustainable option, go for this one. It is very lightweight and maintains its shape. It won’t be affected by UV rays and even can be drilled if you want to secure it more.
  • UC3030-3: This is another good option for outdoor purposes to help ground the AC condenser and work well against weather conditions. Good for lifting heavy equipment as well.
  • Elite EL2424-3: Good size for fitting all ACs. It is one of the top models and is lightweight, making it suitable for all weather types.

These are a few AC Condenser Pads good models you can have a look at. The durability, size, zoning, non-slippery, warranty, easy installation, and pricing are other things that you might want to consider for a better experience.